AMERICAN LINE DANCING by LDVALI - A fun way to low-impact exercise...
American Line Dancing* for your fun and enjoyment...
American Country Line Dances, International Latin-American Club Line Dances, and International Standard Partner or Line Dances:

Please go to my channel @ to see more than 330 dances of class or team demos, including some How To's that are being offered in all class locations based on current progressive series.

All Locations will have a common or starting modules for training during the first 2-3 weeks, with the playlist changing by season based on favorite and/or current hits.  The dance selections will also be adjusted proactively based on levels (zero, 1 & 2 classifications of classes) and on progression, i.e. how slow or fast a class learns and enjoys the dances.

As a reference, LDVALI uses dance selections from the 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Vegas Dance Explosion Conventions, 2017 Pikes Peak Line Dance Workshop and of course from his choreography library, in addition to the files given by his predecessor-guru and some from KickIt.To website.

* This is how Paul Bottomer, a famous Dance Instructor-Author, refer to club dances when line dancing is mixed with various forms and styles. 
At the Golden Anniversary of LD Maestro Jim McDonald & wife Loreta on Sept 9, 2006 was when LDVALI all begun...and the first trial class in Yountville was held Oct-Nov 2006 at Grant Hall, Veterans Home!
V. Allen L. Isidro
V. Allen L. Isidro
The "Rebel Line Dancer" accd to DJ Miranda Wilson of Smooth Jazz KKSF!