AMERICAN LINE DANCING by LDVALI - A fun way to low-impact exercise...
About Line Dancing
Source: Wikipidea,, C&W Dance & Music FAQ, Dance Class by Paul Bottomer, JMSLD
Line Dance: A formation dance in which a group of people dance in one or more lines or rows executing the same movements.
Line Dancing is not just country or western anymore.  It is now modern, urban sophistication, swing syncopations, flowing waltz and nightclub rhythms, and with Latin or Salsa flavor.  It is still a choreographed dance in lines but with the look and feel of ensemble dancing. 
Line dances can be fairly simple as with the 18-count 4-wall beginner Electric Slide or the complicated 64-count intermediate Rock Around The Clock.  "Phrased" line dances are written to go with specific version of songs.  Tags, bridges, and skipping over, or repeating portions of the dance are all devices that are used to follow the phrasing in the music.  Some line dance instructors also incorporate their own interpretations and variations to adopt the basic steps to various music.  Line dances can also be the mixer type like Barn Dance, Traveling Four-Corners, or paired type like Wild Wild West Cha-Cha and Arizona Two-Steps. 
Line Dancing has had a cowboy image since they were danced predominantly to country-western music and said to have originated in the Wild West.  This had been changing since the 1970's when the hustle line dance become popular.  Line dancing became even more popular with a wide range of music in the 1990's as more young people took up line dancing, thanks largely to the music videos showing choreographed line dances.  Now, popular music styles have been used, including swing, rock and roll and disco.
For example:  Cowboy Boogie & Bus Stop in the 1970's, Saturday Night Fever and Grease in the 1980's, Achy Breaky Heart and Thriller in the 1990's, and Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Mambo #5 in the 2000's.
"Lifetime's reward for such a small investment." 
The LDVALI philosohy...
Line Dancing is an activity you can enjoy in any comfortable and affordable attire you would like to wear.  It is said that as long as one knows how to count and walk, then one can easily learn how to line dance. 
Just keep an open mind and welcoming attitude.  Each student learns at various pace and may find dancing a little challenging at first but with time, patience, practice, and enthusiasm, you will soon learn how to have fun line dancing and low impact exercising at the same time.
In as much as there are tens of thousands of different line dances, it will take several classes and events for a student to build up a repertoire of  line dances.  In the meantime, you will surely enjoy the journey learning various American Line Dances while staying fit in the process.
LDVALI Sub-Groups within the Club:
The 2017 DEMO & Mixer Team, Convention & Cruise Delegation: 
1. Alou Hernandez (assistant DI)
2. Caroline Kennedy (assistant DI)
3. Maureen & Denny Feeney
4. Cheryl Ann Chase
5. Esther Gutierrez
6. Cynthia & Nani Ramirez
7. Jasmine Ong
8. Dorothy Lauser
9. Taty Aunc
10. Monika Neal
11. Jackie Buckley
12. Marivic & Rey Go
13. Rita Ignoffo
14. Ginger Trumpbour
15. Linda Leung
16. Sheila Bammann
17. Julius & Ruth Reimche
18. Allen & Elaine Isidro

The Million-Steppers Club:
1. Esther Gutierrez
2. Edna Pacheco
3. Blenda Sue Michael
4. Josie Mandac
5. Jackie Buckley
Here are some testimonials from special LDVALI students...
I just wanted to thank you for such a great class.  The music and dance selection were fantastic and I look forward to taking more classes with you in the future!   -  Amy
Best dance class in 7 years!  I loved it!   -  Jennifer
Great way to exercise and have fun!   -  Fran
Good brain exercise, too!   -  Barb M.
You are such a special and respected teacher, Allen!   -  Shawna
As usual, I have only heard great things about your class.  We would love to have you do another 6-week class at our Recreation Department!   -  Frank
1-2 Cha Cha Cha - Fun!  Fun!  Fun!   -  Helen B.
Great fun and great way to make friends!   -  Jim & Loreta
Allen is an awesome gentleman!  We loved everything about his techniques and style.   -  Irma
Great teacher.  Great Personality.   Great Music.  Positive Attitude.  Perfect Class!   -  Napan
Quick-Quick-Slow, Quick-Quick-Slow!  What great fun!   -  Laurie
I've always appreciated your excellent organization, your broad variety of good music-on a very good sound system, your care in teaching the steps, and most of all your sunny personality!   - Caroline
Allen is a teacher and a good one at that.  He is a wonderful person that has earned  my respect and friendship.  - Diana B.
What else can I say - I really enjoy the class and the instructor!   - Vilma M.
Lots of fun - I'll do it again!   - Susan
I just love the class.  It is so much fun and such a great workout!  I hear the count in my sleep - one, two, three, four; turn to the right, turn to the left, bump right, bump left,etc...  I see why so many are repeat students.  It's addictive!  Thanks to Allen. - Kathy
Haven't had so much fun in a long time - great teacher!   - Madeline C.
Loved every minute! Thanks Allen.  - Shannon
Yahoo!  Learned to finally dance with straight line!  Thanks Allen.  - Debbie M.
Lots of fun - can't wait for the next class!   - Pam
Loved the class, learned a lot, it was fun! - Casmer V.
Lots of fun!   - Remy
Loved to dance - great class!   - Mary Deirdre M.
Thanks to you Mr. Allen, it was fun and educational!   - Erlinda
I enjoyed everyone and every dance!   - Nicole
Excellent class!  What fun - I have to do it again! - Kathy P.
We had a lot of fun!  Thank you Allen.   - Alex & Jo
Thanks for a great class!  We'll be back. - Pat & Rick H.
Always such fun!   - Loretta & Jim M.
A lot of fun - I thought I would never dance again after 40 years! - Sue M.
You are great & your activities - dances, teaching, photos, email sharing, etc are wonderful.  I enjoy every bit of it! - Dino K.
You know what works best.  We are delighted and appreciate that you always take the time to share! - Lynn M.
Class was a lot of fun and music selections were good to dance to as well! - Judith B.
ON LDVALI PARTY SERVICES: "Allen as the co-chair of the event and music provider, worked many hours to research the timeless music and the milestones for each era and captured them in a powerpoint presentation.  He provided fun trivia games as well.  And while providing the music, he also led the line dancing, and still found the time in between to take pictures and created a slideshow capturing the highlights of the event." - Estelle Oloresisimo, FAFNET President
Allen & Elaine:
Thank you very much for your services this past Saturday night!  Everyone had  a great time at my dad's Big 80 bday party and we continue to receive rave reviews about all the fun our family and friends had dancing the night away.  The slideshow is wonderful as well.  We will be sure to pass your contact information along to family & friends and will definitely keep you in mind for our future events as well.  Thanks again!  - Paul Barte