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After All by Michael Buble & Bryan Adams
Line Dance: Angel Shuffle
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LDVALI in brief...
Line Dancing by V. Allen L. Isidro is a fun new approach to low-impact exercise, born on September 9, 2006 during the 50th golden anniversary of Jim McDonald (RIP) and Loretta McDonald in Napa, CA.

2017-2018 Message from DJ-LD Maestro Allen:

Dance is the universal language that is timeless and symbolic.  Through our feet, our arms, and facial expressions a story is told.  What is that story?  That's what is really wonderful about dance.  You make it whatever beginning or ending you want.  The passion and the heart behind our body movements is felt through the eyes of the audience.  Being a part of something as beautiful as dance speaks volumes to the soul.  It enriches our lives and allows us to keep active while having fun.  Dance has no age restrictions or limitations.  It welcomes all.

Because its steps are simple and don't involve dancing with a partner, line dancing is ideal for singles and non-dancers alike. Line dancing is taught and practiced in country and western dance bars, social clubs and dance halls around the world.
Basic line dances focus on movements of the legs and feet, with more advanced dances syncopated at times including the arms and hands, and the movements of a line dance are marked as "counts" where one count generally equals one musical beat and with a particular movement or step taking place at each beat.

One of the most popular line dances performed today is the "Cha Cha Slide by Mr. C" whose easy-to-follow steps are dictated right in the lyrics to the song. The "Cupid Shuffle" also became largely popular at high school dances in the early 2000s and is still heard from time to time as a throwback track in clubs.  The "Wobble" is another, typically seen from recent years to-date in street-dances and even wedding receptions.  Wherever the dance originated, one thing's for certain: this easy-to-learn group line dance format isn't going anywhere anytime soon!

And here are some fun facts about line dancing:

Whether you're a line dancing novice or a seasoned two-stepper, here are 8 must-know facts about this fun-filled activity:
1. There's no need for a date
Unlike most styles of dance that require a partner, with line dancing, you can go solo. Just step onto the dance floor and join in - no date needed.
2. Line dancing is a great workout
Tired of your same old workout routine? Depending on your age, weight and fitness level, you can burn anywhere between 300 and 800 calories per hour, doing about 1,800-2,400 steps per hour line dancing.
3. It's not just for country music lovers anymore
While Billy Ray Cyrus helped make line dancing famous with his 'Achy Breaky Heart' hit country music song, line dancing can be done to many types of music including pop, disco and techno.
4. Walls = Direction
In line dancing, the direction dancers face is known as a 'wall'. Beginner-level dances are typically 1-wall or easy 2- or 4-wall dances, with dancers facing or moving the same direction throughout, and where intermediate or advanced-level dances are often four-wall, phrased or non-phrased with dancers rotating 90-180-360 degrees left or right during the sequence.
5. It's easy to learn
Line dancing lessons are offered in country bars, fitness clubs and recreation or community centers across the country - you can even learn how to line dance in the comfort of your own home by watching videos online.
6. At any gatherings, The DJ calls the dance
Generally speaking, the line dance DJ calls out the dance, similar to a square dance caller. If there's no DJ available, the first (front) line leads the sequences.  If there are multiple variations to a particular line dance, the DJ will divide and assign the dance floor into segments or halves, including designated area for ballroom dancers sharing the same music or song.
7. Never 'Cut The Line'
Whether you're two-stepping in a country bar or hitching and scuffing to Top-40 tunes, never cut through a line of dancers, and always join in at the end of a line or behind at the last row, never in the middle.

So there you have it: 8 must-know facts about the outrageously fun and highly addictive line dance! 

V. Allen L. Isidro and V. Abigail P. Isidro

Do you want to get lively, move with confidence, stay fit and be healthy while having fun, with or without a partner?  Some students come for the dance and some students come for the exercise.  Why not do both and have fun doing it - in comfortable regular attire and at your own personal and easy pace?  Learn the various forms of American Line Dancing - from slides and vines, to flowing waltz, pop-rock, easy hip-hop and to international & Latin dances like cha cha, tango, rumba, mambo, jitterbug, salsa, foxtrot, samba, bachata, jive, boogie, west coast swing, lindy, night club 2-steps and more...
More importantly, Line Dancing is now seen not just a form of dance but also as a practical way to exercise and as a good social sense.  Why not meet new people and make new friends as well!
American Line Dancing - a Low-Impact Exercise for Fun & Excitement is now registered as #4,173,255 as of July 10, 2012 with the United States Patent and Trademark Office
LDVALI Team of American Line Dancers is officially a registered team with Relay for Life Millbrae (North Peninsula) 2018.  If you would like to support our team, direct donations and/or support can be made at 

LDVALI Party Services or LD Maestro
Upcoming Engagements or Guest Appearances
Thursday, February 8, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
 Senior Valentine Dance
Burlingame Recreation Center, Burlingame CA

Friday, February 9, 4:30 pm - 9:00 pm
  Valentine's Day Social Dance
Magnolia Senior Center, SSF, CA

Saturday, February 24, 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
 MPH71 Grand Reunion
Baliwag, Bulacan, Philippines

Sunday, February 25, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
 Family Mini-Reunion
Holy Spirit Parish, BF Homes Quezon City, MM, Philippines

Monday, February 26, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm
 Senior Dance
BF Homes Quezon City, MM, Philippines

Saturday, March 3, 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm
 Anon & Arnold Golden Anniversary Event
Makati Sports Club, Makati, MM Philippines

Wednesday, March 7, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
 Mix-Level Line Dance Event
Sunshine Place, Senior Members Social Club, Makati, MM Philippines

Watch for evite and facebook announcements. Please refer to class and schedule section for more details about 2017 classes & events.
Snapshots of various LDVALI events & special engagements:
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437 Garden Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066

LDVALI is also available for private group lessons and for joint-venture fund-raising events.  LDVALI is part of American Cancer Society Relay for Life-Millbrae (now called RFL North Peninsula)
"Disappointed with the dance floor often left partly utilized or some of your guests too shy to try or even too envious to be next to ballroom dancers?  Try American Line Dancing and see your guests pack the floor non-stop to whatever music is played... just by following some basic dance instructions."  For all your event needs, please refer to the DJ-Party Services page for more info.
2018 Series 1: Winter-Spring Season 

Just a sampler selections:
1. Midnight Walk (Frank Trace)
2. Beautiful Goodbye (Michael Barr)
3. Perfect V Waltz (LDVALI)
4. Boys & A Girl Thing (Rob Fowler)
5. Yeah! (Michael Barr)
6. Havana Shuffle & Popping (LDVALI)
7. Noise (Michael Diven)
8. Slowly, Gently, Softly (Gary O'Reilly)
9. Blue Waltz (LDVALI)
10. Stitches (Amy Glass) 
11. Strip It Down (Rachael McEnaney-White)
12. Do The Versace Shuffle (LDVALI)
13. Lay Low (Darren Bailey)
14. Showstopper (Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Scott Blevin)
15. South City Sunrise Shuffle (LDVALI)
16. Just a Two-Steppin' (Jo Thompson-Szymanski & Norm Gifford)
17. Take Me To The River (Roy Verdonk)
18. Clap Snap Slap Worship (LDVALI)
19. LLH Rock Shuffle (Roger Ingmire)
20. In The Living Years (AJ Herbert)
21. True Colors Shuffle (LDVALI)
22. Ipanema Girl (Ruben Luna)
23. For Once In My Life (Michael Barr)
24. Asian Country Shuffle (LDVALI)
25. Jamaica Farewell (Ira Weisburd)
26. Stand By Me (Jackie Miranda/Doug & Jackie Miranda)
27. The Way We Do Things (LDVALI)
28. I'm Free (Sarlemjin, Verdonk, Babinec)
29. Chill Factor (Whittaker & Westhead as taught by John Robinson)
30. Bust Your Tango (LDVALI)
31. Lipstick Tango (Michele Burton)
32. Can-Am Tango (Michele Burton, Michael Barr & Michele Perron)
33. Story (Maddison Glover)
34. AB Kiss Me (Norm Gifford)
35. Sara Smile (Michael Barr)

Bonus beginner/improver dances (new from LDVALI)
1. Motor of Love Waltz
2. Can You Handle 96er?

Top 26 on based on views as of Aug 31, 2017:

1. Beauty & The Beast (cotillion dance) - 15,458
2. Bust Your Windows (cotillion dance) - 13,841 
3. Cowboy Cumbia - 10,592
4. Set Fire To The Rain - 5,733
5. Mambo Chasse - 4,800
6. Crazy Salsa - 4,487
7. Thinking Out Loud NC2S - 3,677
8. Tango Sway - 3,325
9. Blurred Line @ DOD - 3,303
10. Save The Last Dance (Por Ti Sere) - 3,130
11. Blue Waltz - 2,831
12. Something Stupid Shuffle - 2,662
13. Love Never Felt So Good - 2,420
14. All I Ask NC2S - 2,229
15. SGS (Despacito) @ RFL Millbrae - 2,148
16. Can't Stop The Feeling/Shuffling - 1,812
17. The Way We Do Things (various rhythm) - 1,764
18. Bolero LD - 1,604
19. Uptown (Tush Push) Funk - 1,559
20. Good Night/Benvenuto Cha - 1,458
21. Bachata LD - 1,397
22. Hully Gully 2015 - 1,329
23. Gypsy Queen Ganas Locas - 1,225
24. Messin' Around - 1,083
25. Island In The Stream (Bee Gees) - 1,112
26. Mystery Tango - 1,083


1. San Bruno Recreation Center
      251 City Park Way, San Bruno 94066
2. San Mateo Senior Center
      2720 Alameda de las Pulgas Ave., San Mateo 94403
3. San Carlos Adult Community Center
      601 Chestnut St., San Carlos 94070
4. Napa Valley Adult Ed
      @ Redwood Middle School, Napa 94558
      @ Northwood Elementary School, Napa 94558
5. Magnolia Senior Center
      601 Grand Ave., South San Francisco 94080
6. San Bruno Senior Center
      1555 Crystal Springs Road, San Bruno 94066
7. South San Francisco Adult Ed @ Baden HS Gym
      825 Southwood Dr., So. San Francisco 94080
8. Burlingame Recreation Center
      850 Burlingame Ave., Burlingame 94010
9. Foster City Recreation Center
      650 Shell Blvd., Foster City 94464
10. Millbrae Interim Community Center
     621 Magnolia Ave., Millbrae, CA 94030

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